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Category 3 Cyclone Missile Test

The Category 3 Cyclone Missile and Ballistic Test 

This Industry Standard test simulates one of the conditions of a Category 3 Cyclone - flying debris.

This test is based on the same principle as the Australian Standard Dynamic Impact test, only it's a lot more severe.

A 4 kilogram (approx 9 pound) block of hardwood is fired as a missile into the Crimsafe® test panel. At impact it is moving at 54 kilometres (33 miles) per hour (16.4 yards per second). To pass the test, the deflection of the panel must not come within a prescribed distance to the glass window panel behind it.

Every product in the Crimsafe® range passes this test because at impact the hooking feature of the unique screw-clamp technology (which runs along every edge of the product) levers into the aluminium frame and creates what's called a "single frame member". The effect is that the load is spread right around the perimeter of the product, rather than allowing the force to be concentrated at the point of impact. The mechanical fastening of the clamp to the mesh also gives it huge strength and resists the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. These features permit Crimsafe® to withstand enormous force.

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