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Pull Test

This test is designed to simulate an attack by an intruder in an attempt to pull at the security screen either at the bottom, middle, side or top of the screen. The test also assesses the integrity and fixing of the mesh into the screen frame.

The test panel fails the test if the edge of the panel can be deflected to form a 17 inch (45cm) gap between it and the door or window frame when under the pulling force, or if a 6 inch (15cm) gap remains when the force is removed. It also fails if a gap forms in the infill material (mesh) that allows a 2.5 x 1 inch probe to pass through.

Crimsafe® passes easily thanks to its super-strong design.

Firstly there's the unique screw-clamp technology. Even though concentrated force is applied to the frame, meaning the mesh is pulled in several different directions, the holding power of Crimsafe's® tamper-resistant stainless steel screws and the way the screw-clamp "bites down" on the mesh with a vice-like grip, is too great to allow it to be pulled out of the frame.

What's more, at the base of the clamp where it meets the frame is a hook that engages with a hook in the frame itself, and this mechanism holds the clamp tight, so it simply can't be pulled out of the frame once it is screwed down.

Then there's the Tensile-Tuff® mesh itself. The tightly woven mesh makes it almost impossible to get a hand-hold to pull on the door or window grille.

There's also the power of the Crimsafe® aluminium frame. It's too strong to be deflected to the fail level specified by the test.

Want to see the power of Crimsafe® for yourself? Simply enter your postcode above to contact a Crimsafe Licensee and you can apply your own tests to the sample of Crimsafe® mesh that they will bring.